Melissa & Passort to the Heart
Passport the to Heart was born from a dream. It is what happens when your greatest visions meet your truest realties. Passport to the Hearts obligation is to turn your dreams into your truths, through a combination of Yoga, motivational coaching and soulful travel. Yoga retreats are the perfect mix of all three. You will learn to break free from your comfort zone, and explore exotic parts of the world, and of yourself. Be ready to release old patterns and negative behaviors. Passport to the Heart retreats are not your ordinary Yoga retreats. We focus on mental growth and long term positive change. Our mission is that you leave a different person, a truly better version of yourself. Prepare to rest, restore and hit reset! Ready to change your life?
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Official Biography:
Melissa Andersen is an American, born and raised in a small beach town on the East Coast of Florida. She was first introduced to Yoga at the age of 19 while attending the University of North Florida. She began to practice Yoga periodically, and after completing a four-year Bachelors degree in Communications, she moved to Southern California where yoga was more prevalent.

Melissa entered a three-year sales career in Corporate America, which inevitably lead to stress induced health issues. Eventually her bodied buckled under 60-hour workweeks, and she suffered from adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance and minor depression. This is the point where Yoga saved her life. When the “American Dream” stole her health and well being, she decided to engulf herself in Yoga to heal. Through the Yoga practice and lifestyle, Melissa was able to uncover and mend past trauma, restore her body back to a normal homeostasis, gain strength, cure her ailments and unconsciously uncover her true purpose. In 2011, Melissa quit her sales job, sold all of her belongings and devoted her life to the practice of Yoga and travel. Since taking this leap of faith, Melissa has traveled, lived, taught and practiced her way across six continents. She began her journey in North America and globe trotted through the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Australia, Central and South America and Africa.

During this journey, Melissa realized that travel and yoga had transformed her, and this was a gift she wanted to share. She completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 at a Yoga Alliance accredited school in Rishikesh, India. She has now been practicing yoga for over eleven years, and happily spreading the joy of yoga for seven years. To further her knowledge of mental growth and motivational coaching, she completed her NLP Practitioner and Motivational Coaching License in 2016. She includes the coaching techniques and strategies in her Retreats and events. Melissa started as a guest teacher for international yoga retreats. She managed retreats in Croatia and Wales before branching out on her own and developing Passport to the Heart Retreats. She has now transitioned into creating worldwide "bucket-list" retreats to help change the lives of others. Other than that, Melissa is down to earth Florida girl with a zest for life. Melissa's Danish heritage eventually lead her to Scandinavia, and she now resides in Norway... but will always be simply a citizen of the world.


"This has been and incredible week. I appreciate all of the help with modifications. I admire Melissa's patience, creativity and also energy."


"Melissa is like a sunshine, always positive and happy, sending a lot of good energy. I am so thankful for this week!"


"This yoga retreat has been fantastic! Melissa brought skill, laughter, fun, and smiles that radiate warmth and Joy. This has been such a wonderful experience."


This week retreat has been so special and uplifting. Melissa has such a big heart and a serious spirit. Melissa has a wonderful impact on those around her. The sentiments and messages shared this week have truly heped me take another step in my journey.


"I was impressed with all of the different styles of yoga. Each lesson was wonderful and I am thankful for this variety so it never got boring at all the whole week."